Monday, June 27, 2011

Road trip!

I had a super great day, albeit I am a little tired right now.

Road trip to Brunei with Gabriel, Grace and Joan! Gabriel was our awesome driver for the day and Joan was our compass/map. Hah hah. The few of us had a sumptuous lunch at Excapade Sushi then drove to Seria for Blizzard ice-cream as desserts.

After that, we visited the science centre but sadly, it wasn't open. The gallery, anyway. Checked out the place for a while then headed off to Supa Save and did grocery shopping! Hah hah.

Our next destination was KB town because I had to collect my cosmetics, but we also went to The Face Shop to check it out while we were in the town. We were such sakai idiots inside The Face Shop, even the sales girls asked us where we're from. Hah hah. Last stop of all was nevertheless, Miri sweet Miri.

Oh and when I got home, I just realized my period came and my jeans were all stained with blood! Luckily, I think it was just the beginning of the flow and didn't come too long. Or else...I can barely imagine, lol.

Pictures of the day shall be up when I can be bothered to transfer the ones from my camera are up. Heh. So, stay tuned!


  1. Mine came 2 days before my KK trip! But thank God I still got to play Water Sports! Hehehe, have fun in KK! Safe flight! :)

  2. Really? Yours ended just in time huh? THat's great! And thank you. You take care too!

  3. Yay! Ended just in time! When I was playing this parachute thing, I saw this huge sting ray I was so scared that there would be sharks or something, then I was so afraid that I asked my friend, 'What if there're sharks?' Then he was like, 'Aiya no lah no sharks one!' Then I said, 'But what if my period suddenly come again then the shark smells blood?' Then he was like, 'OMG ARE YOU SERIOUS!' Hahahaha. Safe trip and have fun yay!

  4. HAHAHAHA YOU AND YOUR FRIEND, TOO CUTE! Mine just ended in time too! Parasailing is FREAKING fun! I wanna do it again! I didn't see any sting rays 'though but I did drink a handful of sea water, FML.