Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Gone, indefinitely

I don't think I am kidding anyone. I say I'll try my best to blog but quite frankly, I'm never going to blog again. So, yep. I don't think I need to say much. You should have it figured.

I might be back one day but for now, I am gone indefinitely from the blogging realm.


  1. the thing about blogging is that eveentually, you feel like you have an obligation to your readers. But I say to you, blog for your own sake, when you feel like it, not because you need to reassure people that you exist. And I'm just rediscovering blogging again these days, so maybe one day, when you need to, your blog will still be around for you to add to. Best wishes with life's ventures, chica. oxox Stay gorgeous!

  2. Hahah sorry Jasmine and Mary! Will be back someday. :)

    Thanks Shar, you too.