Monday, August 29, 2011

You never change

You were trudging over and you had your lips pursed - the way you always do when you're slightly teasing me. I couldn't tell who you were looking at, were you staring at me? Did I have the facial expression of one who has just seen a ghost? It was sufficiently awkward for me, was it for you? I wish you would just talk to me, instead of having your back face me. I wish I had every right to touch you or to just talk to you, but I have to fight every urge to because I am reminded that I can't and I shouldn't.

I wish you still regard me as someone significant to you, but I am not sure if it means much to me anymore. I can't look at you and see the person I first fell in love with anymore. All I see is the person who broke my heart and can't be bothered to help me pick up the pieces.

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