Sunday, September 11, 2011


This just goes to show how much of a shmuck some people can be and how uneducated the person behind is.

Semenanjung? Semenanjung would be NOTHING without Sarawak's resources. We have pepper, we have oil palms, we have OIL that is funding your bloody states and providing you bloody shmucks who are nothing more than bloody parasites living off our resources. And you know what? Sarawak is actually more 1Malaysia than the lot of you who are just all talk and no walk.

Bloody idiots. .|.

P/S: Just momentarily unnerved. I have no intentions whatsoever to criticize or insult Semenanjung or people from Semenanjung except for the uneducated ones like the one who's behind that Facebook page.


  1. where is the like button? can i share it on facebook?? =D

  2. Ahh they failed to realize that Sabah & Sarawak are giving 54 million subsidy to the gov. Before us, they've got nothing.

    This just show how dumb they can be. They're just... bloody dumb cunty cunt.

  3. Neh, Jovis, the Google Adsense +1! Sure, I don't mind you sharing. Heh. :)

    I know right! Can't believe how ignorant and stupid they are! >:| And they think they're far more superior than us? Bollocks.