Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Never give up on yourself

I can't fathom why people would drive themselves to the brink of suicide. I may not be able to comprehend what poignant pain they're going through or ever come close to feeling what they feel, but...committing suicide, in my opinion, is just downright selfish to the core. You're not just taking your own life away, you're also robbing the happiness of the people who love you and bereaving the memories which are yet to be made.

They say the few brief moments before you die, your whole life flashes before your eyes. Didn't you see the faces of those who love you? Didn't you see them sobbing, begging and broken because you wouldn't help yourself anymore and decided to give up on yourself?

I won't say that suicide has never once crossed my mind because it has, more than I am proud to admit, frankly. However, each time I merely thought about doing the deed, tears gathered in my eyes and my heart ached; it's not because I felt sorry for myself, it's because I felt sorry for the people who love me - my family (especially) and friends. I may be able to bring myself to inflict harm on myself, but I can never come to terms with hurting those I love and whom love me back.

When the going gets tough, don't give up, keep on. Everything will always be okay in the end. Just have to keep faith in God and yourself. If you feel like nobody loves you, there will always be someone who does/would - you just haven't met the person yet and ultimately, God loves you. Always remember that God loves you. :)

That's my two pence for today. Much love.