Friday, March 30, 2012

Day 10

Day 10 - Someone you don't talk to as much as you'd like to

Hmm.. I got to say it is one of my best friends, Adam. Despite our falling-out, he is still one of my best friends. Plus, he made amendments and we reconciled. So, it's all good now. Teehee.

I used to talk to him almost on a daily basis and we used to talk about anything and everything. Like, literally. I could just call him up whenever I felt the need to talk or bitch even if it is in the middle of night. He was always there for me. However, we no longer talk to each other as much, only the occasional Skype calls. I suppose it is because we are both too caught up with our own lives. After all, he is a budding actor so he is pretty busy with his acting career, new girlfriend, friends in KL and all. Me? Classes commenced and I am taking seven units this semester so I am pretty swamped with assignments and whatnot. Like, knee-deep, seriously.

So, yeah, I starkly understand that Adam and I both got our own lives to worry about and the occasional Skype calls are fine by me.

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