Saturday, March 17, 2012

Music for the heart

Everyone has the few certain songs that will render them into tear-filled tizzy upon hearing, be it on purpose or accidentally. Well, here are mine when I intend to enjoy a good ol' blubber fest.

1. 田馥甄 - 寂寞寂寞就好
This is a Chinese song by Hebe from S.H.E. At times, I prefer listening to Chinese songs because I could relate to their lyrics so much better. God knows how many times I've listened to this song. In fact, this song is number one in my Top 25 Most Played playlist on iTunes. It's a perfect post break-up song. I suppose you know now what song I tortured myself with after my ex and I ended things. (Still find it hard to believe that it's been more than a year. *wistful*)

2. Secondhand Serenade - Your Call
I think this song is pretty much self-explanatory. It's a go-to song when I am upset during a relationship or after, or simply just when I miss the person (as in my boyfriend or whatsoever at the time) so much. Secondhand Serenade sings the most depressing songs and I love all of their songs. Yeah, I am quite the masochistic person.

3. Joel & Luke - Love's To Blame
Vampire Diaries exposed me to such a beautiful song. There is so much resonating pain in the voice, the lyrics, everything, really. There was a period of time I drifted to sleep every night listening to this song all the while clutching my chest in anguish and sobbing my bloody eyes out because my ex came back for me (when he had a new girlfriend!) - telling me he missed me and he couldn't forget me even though he tried - but I couldn't deal with the hurt anymore/again. My mind screamed no whilst my heart whispered yes. It was a struggling battle between my mind and heart. However, it is all in the distant past now. Thank goodness!

4. Lifehouse - Broken
I remember once, I sat by the beach alone with my iPod and this song playing on repeat. Tears trickled relentlessly down my cheeks. I just sat there in numbing pain and couldn't care less of the people passing by and scrutinizing at me curiously. It was after a lovers' spat, okay, not really, I can't really remember why either, but I can only figure my relationship was on the brink and I was broken - just like the song is titled.

5. 罗怡诗 - 别再哭了
This is yet again a Chinese song. Hearing or seeing people cry always makes me well up in tears as well so yeah, this song is off to a good start of reducing me to a blubbering mess. The lyrics of this song reverberates meaning and hits home to me. Allow me to simply explain the definition, in my term of words.

Sad songs on repeat, your eyes are bloodshot and wet
People come and go in lives, there's just one more who went now
Don't drag on after it's over, some things are meant to be forgotten
You start crying again after listening, I understand that anyone would be unwilling
别再哭了 多不值得,想一想把爱情看透彻
Don't cry, it's not worth it, forget about love
He should be responsible, and he would come to regret his decision
别再哭了 多不值得,失去也是另一种获得
Don't cry, it's not worth it, losing may also be a gain
伤心情歌 不属你的,幸福不一定非爱谁不可,难熬的 会经过的
Stop listening to sad songs, happiness does not come from love, the pain will subside
爱错了 又能如何
You loved the wrong one, what can there be done

So, there, these are a couple of songs I listen to when I am feeling rather down in the dumps. (There are more, but I shall spare ya'll from more depressing songs.) Everyone has them, what about yours? Leave them in comments. :)

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