Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother knows best

I could not understand why my mum was so protective of me. All I ever yearned for was freedom and I resented her for holding me down, for not allowing me to soar like a free bird.

She would rather put up with me rebelling against her and screaming at her, she would not let the looks of disdain I throw faze her, she would do just about anything - even if it kills her inside - to not let anything awful happen to me, not even the slightest chance or possibility.

I could see it now why she would rather let me despise her than let me get hurt. It is a big and scary world out there. There are always bigger birds out there that I wouldn't stand a chance against so as long as she could, she would rather have me under her wings of protection.

There was one evening, I came home sobbing profusely because the boy I loved with everything I had broke my heart. My mum was in the kitchen preparing dinner and the moment I went through the doors, I ran into her arms and said, "I hope you're happy because it's over" knowing she didn't approve of the relationship the boy and I had. She just brushed it off, pulled me into an embrace and told me to not be silly, it's just a boy. She held and soothed me as I cried, and cried. In that moment, I knew I was in the right person's arms because she is the only person in the whole wide world who would never, even for a moment, forsake me.

My mother is the love of my life. She brought me life and gave me existence. She played the biggest part in morphing me into the person I am today and my gratitude for her would never cease. She is God's gift descended from Heaven, she is MY gift.

Dearest Mummy, Happy Mother's Day. Please know that I love you, forever and always.


  1. I hope she reads this (: & if she does, I'm sure she will be very touched.

  2. Too bad, she's not at all tech-savvy so she doesn't know how to go online and part of me is glad because then she'd know all of my horrible secrets, HAHA.

    Yeah, Joan. Mothers know best :)

  3. Almost cried reading this sob sob & yes, I am gonna stalk your blog from now on haha I love your blog!:D