Saturday, January 19, 2013

Everything will change and nothing stays the same / Day 23

Hi. Does anybody even come around here anymore? I doubt so. I have thoroughly neglected foreverisfrail and left it stale for far too long and like food, no one likes it stale.

It seems that I have also abandoned The 30 Days Letter Challenge, but trust me, I have not and I hope it isn't too late to pick it up again. Day 23.

Day 23 - A person that caused you to change 

I walked through my entire life in a daze donning rose-tinted glasses. I thought the world was a meadow field of delicate daisies and pretty sunflowers and my life was a bed of roses. I always saw the good, and never the bad. I believed the best in people, even if they had wronged me one too many times because I had hope. The hope I harboured within shone bright like the morning sun. I was a firm believer of second chances.

...but all of the optimism I possessed was before I met him. Him...whom took away the rose-tinted glasses I donned with brute force and opened my eyes for good to the sinister of the world. He caused me to change.

I believed you from the very first day I met you. I opened up my heart to you and it was something I did not do ever since January '11. I professed my darkest secrets to you and let you in on my innermost thoughts. I could recall you asking me if I trusted you, I said I did. Little did I know of your loathsome agenda concealed by your flawless facade.

I believed that he had a good nature, I believed that he sincerely wanted to get to know me. I foolishly believed that he genuinely cared for me. Even though he was thousands of miles away from me, he was always just a text away, a phone call too far. He aided me through a rough patch of my life; he was there for me when I needed someone to lean on. Therefore, I was thankful for his existence in my life. I thought he was the silver lining, the rainbow after the thunderstorm.

There is something about me that everyone should know: I always remember the good people have done for me and my gratitude for them would never cease; I would repay them in double folds if it is within my capacity.

I now sneer at the naive me then whom so easily believed in every word he uttered. All that he did - the comforting words laced with promises, the grand gestures, the thoughtful actions, all of it - was setting me up for a pretty good fall like helping me up the ladder just to to push me over harder. He took advantage of my good nature, he abused the innocent faith I had for people and he broke my heart because I believed him so much for the entire time. The greatest crime of all that he committed was that he shook my once unwavering hope.

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