Thursday, June 6, 2013

Growing up sucks

I guess you ought to know that I am pretty fraught with taut nerves lately, due to finals being just 'round the corner, hence ^^^. I mean, like, I really, really cannot afford to fail - not even a single unit - so yes, I am stressing myself head over heels.

I am fully aware that I used to say, "I cannot afford to fail" many times in the past (PMR, SPM, A-levels and whatnot), but I seriously mean it now as I know the severity and peril of failing. Growing up/mature does this to you, y'know; you begin to know and understand where your parents are coming from when they urge and nag you to study and whatnot. You evolve into this paranoid version of yourself, you incessantly worry over every inane detail of your life, you think about the repercussions of every decision you make, you guard every person you meet with skepticism; and it's extremely exhausting because your mind is on overdrive every single fucking day.

At times, it's all so overbearing that it makes you want to quit on life altogether and be a hobo. At least it makes me want to.

P/S: I almost always blog when I'm upset. I'm not actually upset right now, but I'm pretty stressed out.

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