Sunday, August 18, 2013

When bored, bake

I popped my baking-virginity on Friday! It was my first ever time (obviously because I just said virginity) baking a pie...or anything, really. I am pitifully not domesticated, in any way. Put me in a kitchen at an attempt of cooking and I'd probably set the kitchen on fire, LOL. 

Anyway, two of my friends and I scheduled to make apple crumble so as much as I would like to say that it was out of spontaneity, it wasn't. Three of us had brunch together and then set out to buy ingredients at one of our local supermarkets. The ingredients we got are shown in the picture above. So, yeah, now you know what you need to make apple crumble. You could easily refer to the recipes which are rampant on the Internet, but I'll be a kind soul and list down the items we used for our apple crumble pie. 

- Apples (duh -_-)
- Plain flour
- Brown sugar
- Unsalted butter 
- Salt? (Used it to prevent the apple cubes from oxidizing, lol) 

Sadly, I only managed to take a few pictures of the baking/making process. There are, however, one or two InstaVids - I took in the midst of baking/making - on my Instagram. (Follow me and you will find your true love in the next 365 days, LOL JK.)

To make the dough/crust/crumble/topping or whatever you'd like to call it, mix the plain flour, brown sugar and unsalted butter together in a large bowl and knead. My other friend and I left the kneading job to the other friend Captain America! However, do not knead until it is entirely smooth because you'd want the tiny clumps or crumble.

Also, cut/chop up the apple into small cubes and mix/stir them with the brown sugar.

When the dough or whatever is done, cover the apple cubes that you've cut/chopped up and put in the serving dish entirely. Oh, remember to make sure your serving dish is oven safe. Then, bake in the oven for forty to forty-five minutes until it is browned with bubbling fruit mixture; it is then ready to be served! It can be served with cream or ice-cream or whatever that's up to your choice, but we didn't managed to buy any.

Honestly, I think making/baking apple crumble is easy peasy because it requires minimal work especially if you aren't baking alone and rather with comrades.'s the end product. 


TA-DAH! It looks a tad burnt, but I swear it's just the right degree of burnt - for me, at least (because I love cancerous food, LOL). I'd like to think that my first baking venture was an absolute success because it tasted pretty damn good. I know, I just made you want to make apple crumble for yourself. Heh. Go! You can thank me later.

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