Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Hello from the land down under {Perth}

I don't think I ever publicly announced on my blog, but hello from the land down under and to be more specifically, Perth! An angmoh land infested with Asians (Asians EVERYWHERE, we're like pesky ants that's impossible to annihilate. Hehehe *snigger*) so there isn't so much of a culture clash for me, lol. I mean, there is a difference in culture, but I don't think it's a difference so drastic that I cannot adapt to or...maybe it's because I am pretty malleable.

The beautiful beach by/at Fremantle. I don't know the name of the beach, but all you need to know is that it's at Fremantle AKA Freo (hehehe, must learn the lingo here).
I mentioned something about leaving my hometown, right? Well, here I am...in a foreign land that I am adapting to pretty well. Oh, a huge contributing factor is probably because there isn't any time difference from Malaysia so...y'know, no jet lags and whatnot, and my housemates are all hailed from Malaysia so...yeah, lol. I actually speak more Mandarin here than I did back in Malaysia - which totally contradicts the purpose of coming to an angmoh land to continue my studies lah. Hahahah, and I still end my sentences with lah, bah and whatnot. This Malaysian habit is seemingly IMPOSSIBLE to curb, but whatever lah, y'know? I am Malaysian, afterall.

Perth has been pretty good to me. I found a church to go here and made fast friends. I'm also glad that I am able to find pretty decent groupmates for my group assignments. I mean, I don't really know yet, but it's all good so far. God bless that I'll be able to excel in my studies. :)

Taken at the Shipwreck Gallery Museum.
How about coping with the different seasons here, you may wonder? Winter has been pretty chilly and I think we're gradually transiting into Spring so it's all good. It's still chilly and all, but it's like being in an air-conditioned room 24/7...except when there's wind gusts - which I'm not a huge fan of. Heard from various individuals that summer's not gonna be hunky dory 'though 'cause it's gonna be extremely hot. We'll see then and perhaps, I'll rant about how hot it is on my blog or I might not even experience summer in Oz because I'll be back in Malaysia. Haven't decided when I'll be flying back yet. Decisions, decisions.

I think...I am gonna abruptly end this post here because I've run out of things to jibber jabber about so 'till then!

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