Monday, May 25, 2015

Brunch, Shopping and Sinful Indulgence

Hello there! Here's my face in case anyone had forgotten how I looked like, lol. The #FOTD (=Face Of The Day) I was going for here was a no make-up or minimalist look (depending on your ability to tell if I have make-up on, lol).

I merely slapped on my current favorite Chanel Les Beiges healthy glow cream, filled in my brows with yet again, Chanel's brow pencil, dabbed on Naked Palette 2's Booty Call shade on my lids and gave my lashes a bit of a flair with Benefit's They're Real! Mascara.  Oh and I almost forgot that I wore Laneige's Pure Radiant blush on my cheeks as well. These are all products that I have been loving a lot. ;)

I would not mind writing a blog review on my personal favorite products if anyone is interested in reading. Heh, just leave a comment and let me know.

Anyway, before it just so happens that I disappear for another unannounced hiatus, I thought I would blog about my Saturday (yes, two days ago).

The girls at home and I had made plans to spend our Saturday embracing the beautiful fall day and frolicking in the city. The first stop we made to satiate our ravishing appetites was...

Tuck Shop Cafe in Northbridge for brunch. It is an appealing little eatery that is great for brunch with family or friends as it serves a changing breakfast menu and light lunchtime meals. 

I had a latte and chilli con carne with sourdough toasts, avocado, tomatoes, lime salsa and poached egg. I especially loved the sourdough toasts. Then again, I love all sorts of toasts. If it was a cheese toastie, I would have rated the food a 11/10 because I can totally live on cheese toasties.

However, honest thoughts on the food and coffee? Coffee was okay, I guess. I wouldn't say it is substandard because coffee anywhere in Perth is generally good, I feel. The food was not like outstanding; it was good, but the presentation was A+ that made it all the more appetizing.

In terms of pricing, it tipped towards above average for a student like myself? It was okay because eating out normally costs at least A$10 or so, but everything on the menu was at least A$15 and up (excluding their pies). Plus, extra sides cost either A$4.50 or A$5.50 depending on what sides you want. The 'chilli con carne' I ordered was A$19.50 and as for the latte, it was A$3.50. The cheapest on the menu was their pies, priced at A$12.95.

I liked that it was airy and bright in the cafe, but it was a bit too "crowded" for me; tables were too close to one another and there was little space to maneuveur around. Gotta hand it to the people who work there for being able to move around swiftly when it was so crammed. There are outdoor seats which I assume would be more comfortable, but we had one of the tables inside. Well, at least it was by the window.

Ultimately, if anyone wants to drop by this place, it is better to make a booking because it seems to be always busy and packed. Even though the girls and I had a reservation for 11 o'clock, we had to wait an extra fifteen minutes still.

So, after our scrumptious brunch, we walked along the streets and bumped into this tiny fella called Milo. Such an adorable tiny Chihuahua and his owner was so approachable and nice too. Too bad it seems Milo is a little camera shy, refusing to look into the camera, but it's okay. I got to touch/pat him and ya'll know how much I love dogs. *inset heart emoticons* 

So, yeah, before I utterly digress, we caught the bus from a nearby bus stop to Hay St/Murray St and did a some window shopping. I didn't intend to buy anything, but I No surprise there, is there? I bought a Topshop tee which I could use for work and Smashbox's contour kit (sorry, no pictures taken). The Topshop tee I got at a complete steal! ONLY 5 DORRAS, BABY. It was actually A$15 on sale, but I had a Topshop voucher that took ten dollars off. Hehehe.

The Smashbox contour kit I purchased for A$60, I'm not sure how much it costs in Sephora Malaysia or US, but I am heck sure it is a lot cheaper in the US. It's alright 'though because I've never really had nor used bronzer for my face so I am excited to try it out. Anyone wants pictures or a review? I'd be glad to oblige...after finals. Or maybe not considering what a bum I am, LOL. We will see, but I do hope to get back on the blogging express. 

The next place we went to after all the shops had started closing (I find it a tad unusual that shops here tend to close at 5PM or 6PM) was...

Koko Black. If you want to sinfully indulge in chocolate/specialty chocolate, this is definitely the dessert cafe to be. The salon has all sorts of assorted chocolate that screams for your naughty sweet tooth to indulge in.

However, I wouldn't recommend ordering too much all at once because it can get pretty sickening and overwhelming for our delicate palates. Moreover, the desserts are not only decadent for tastes, but also for the wallets.

The Dessert Degustation (tray of five) was priced at A$26, the Junior Belgian Spoil (first picture with the teddy pop) was A$7.50, BabyCino was A$2.50 and the individual Salted Caramel Delice (shown on the right) was priced at A$10.50 and it is tiny although the pictures portrayed differently. Even though I loved everything, the salted caramel slice is  definitely my favorite (albeit a tad too sweet) and it was recommended by the wait staff. Double thumbs up.

If you have a sweet tooth, you would harbour no regrets dropping by Koko Black. The salon locations are available on its official website so you may look it up.

I will abruptly end the post here because after Koko Black, the girls and I simply caught the bus home. It was no doubt an eventful day and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It felt good to put thoughts of assignments or exams on the backburner of my mind.

That's all. Tune in another time, x.

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