Sunday, November 20, 2011

Can you just fall in love with me?

I initially typed a page full of words, but decided better that I should keep it subtle.

Falling in love is fairly easy, but falling out of love is...crippling.

When I love, I give my all even if it consumes me whole. (Wow, it rhymes, lol wtf.) So, if you're not serious about me or in it for real, please, please don't make me fall for you. Be honest with me because there is nothing and I emphasize, nothing I hate more than dishonesty. Tell me what we are because I am utterly lost. If you need time, I'll understand and wait. If it's all fun and games, let me know and I'll play along with you. (I'm not a complete prude, LOL JK.) I'm not unsure of my feelings, I'm unsure of yours.

I've dated before and I know how it all goes. When you leaned in, I knew what you were doing and what you wanted to do, I just didn't want to give in because I'm not the kind to fool around and I don't wish to complicate things/ruin our friendship. I hope you understand. Teehee.

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