Thursday, December 22, 2011

I lost gadget form

I lost my Blackberry...and it's like losing a part of myself. It was hard to come to terms with the fact that I've lost it, it still is. I was in utter denial, but the realization is gradually setting in now. There is nothing I could do about it anymore than mourn for the loss. Dad doesn't know yet and I don't know how I will ever be able to tell him. I got my Blackberry this March, sort of as my birthday present. It's not even a year old yet and I so carelessly lost it, losing a part of myself with it. I am truly devastated and it's times like this that makes me question my entire existence because there is absolutely nothing I can do right. I wish, I wish there could be a miracle.

Okay, now on to the story to how I lost my Blackberry. I was at GSC Mid Valley watching New Year's Eve. I suppose during the movie I had my BB on my bag and half-way through the movie, I had an epiphany outburst and stood up on whim had to go to the loo and so I went...and I suppose it was when I stood up that it dropped to the floor. After the movie ended, we walked out and I began searching my bag for my BB, but it was no where to be found. So, we went back into the cinema hall to search for it, but it was far too late by then. (Da fug, okay? It was less than ten minutes!) We kept calling my number and searched the place, but heard nothing and we asked the cleaners if they saw any cellphones, but they said they didn't. Once we got out of the hall, we couldn't reach my number at all anymore. Coincidence, I guess not? GSC's management or whatsoever can't search their workers and we can't look at the CCTV's footage unless we have police report or whatever so there was not much we could do. I've got a hunch that one of the cleaners might have taken it...or someone else did. Either way, fuck you whoever who took my baby Blackberry. Damn you to the deepest pit of hell. Oh and curse you, GSC Mid Valley. You are cursed! If not I wouldn't have lost my baby Blackberry, CURSES!

I got my number back after that and bought myself a RM88 cellphone. -_-" I am like, God forbidden hipster now. Guess I am stuck with my hipster cellphone for the time being, for a long time being. I have lost the vacation mood and not even retail therapy appeals to me because I can't shop without feeling guilt-tripped. I am trying my best to think positively, convincing myself that everything does happen for a reason.

I had pictures of K and I in my Blackberry and I could never bring myself to delete 'em, I don't know why. Even though everything's said and done and we're just mere strangers now, I still keep the pictures of us. I guess losing my Blackberry is God's way or some force's way of telling me to ditch the past and have a brand new start. It's been a terribly bad year for me. Things can only get better from now on, right?