Friday, December 30, 2011

Will you be my New Year's kiss?

So much has changed ever since. I have changed so much ever since. (No, I won't even begin to list down the endless changes.)

Last year's NYE was heaps of fun and a pretty memorable one, for many reasons. It's one of those days (or nights) that I have stored away in the pensieve I have in my head and vow to never forget. It was something to me, it meant something.

I am feeling good about 2012. I reckon that's the reason why I feel so incredibly hyper tonight, I have been pretty hyper for the entire day. It's as if nothing can dampen my mood, but I don't want to speak too soon so scratch that. (Despite so, I also have the intention to sob my bloody eyeballs out until they detach from my eye sockets before the beginning of a brand new year. I really want to cast away all the unhappiness I have been through this year and I pray that I never have to shed a tear ever again, however unlikely that is.)

One of my NYR (AKA New Year Resolutions) for 2012 is to be a bitch and bid goodbye to my nice girl demeanour. (HAHAHA, how ludicrous, right?!) I think I have been too nice for my whole life and all I ever reap from being nice is getting hurt and being taken advantage of. So, watch out, you sons of bitches, prepare to meet your hell...or heaven, if you're into bitches. ;)

Oh and! I GOTS TO GET MYSELF A NEW YEAR'S KISS! I don't want to be #foreveralone, wtf. (Yeah, if you smell that whiff of desperado, that's me, wtf.)

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