Monday, February 27, 2012

Cambridge satchel, be mine please?

Ah, gee, I want a Cambridge satchel so much. I love it, it's perfect. And I was thinking...





However, it is a tad expensive for me. I can't justify spending so much on a bag when I could purchase so many other things with the money or better yet, just save the money until I grow old and die, lol. (Yeah, my Asian + Foo Chow level is over the top. Combo please! Asian + Foo Chow!) It'd burn a friggin' huge hole in my savings. :(

I suppose I could try to convince myself to purchase it as a birthday gift to myself, but...such a dilemma. Oh, since we're on the topic. My 20th birthday's in 23 days! 23 days! *throw subtle hints* (It is VERY sufficient time for getting me presents, lolol.)

Can't believe I am turning twenty years old this year. Twenty, man. The big TWO-OH! A year older, but not necessarily a year wiser, lol. Sigh, oh well. Satchel bag, yes or no?


  1. how much is it? more than 300 no. HAHA

  2. It's around 500-600 in ringgit. :(

  3. errr LOL THAT'S TOO EXPENSIVE! :S just get the one in boulevard :p

  4. Bouleavard? What the one in Bouleavard? Hahah, but I love it! But God damn it, it's so priceyyy.

  5. Boulevard sells similar bag oh.. hehe obviously non authentic but the design's same hehe.

  6. I haven't been to Bouleavard in ages! Will go see. Hahah, but the quality would definitely be different. :/