Monday, February 27, 2012

Don't let me disappear, please

Degree students are starting their classes tomorrow whilst my classes only commence on the 19th of March. I am anticipating for my classes to start and the wait is agonizing.

Guess what I've been doing every single day now? Maple, binge/pig out, sleep/nap, watch movies and sitcoms, read, and all the daily necessities. Yeah, that's pretty much all I do every single day. I am just holed up in my room whole day long, only embracing the sunshine and nature's breeze when given no choice. That's just how sad and pathetic I have become, how mundane and monotonous my life is.

What about my friends, you may ask? Friends? I have plenty yet I can't find a single person to hang out with. Friends I deem close and worthy are either busy with their own friends, away from home or occupied with work/boyfriend. Me? I am well, suffering from a severe case of #foreveralone, lol. Oh well.

You know what's the cherry on top of everything? I am perfectly complacent in solitaire. I am not sure if it's healthy, but I don't mind being alone or lonely.

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