Friday, February 17, 2012

So what if Curtin awarded Rosmah a honorary doctorate?


I can't fathom why everyone's making a bloody huge deal out of the doctorate issue, and bashing the university.

I just want to say that it isn't fair how everyone's tarnishing Curtin's reputation and it's quality of education. It's just a doctorate, it's not like she had to study or take exams for it. We, students, have to work hard for our certs and all. If you're not from Curtin, maybe it's okay for you to bash the uni because it wouldn't affect you in the slightest way, but if you're from the uni yourself, why step on your own toes, really?

I am also not implying that it is okay for non-Curtin graduates/students to bash on the university, but if it makes you feel wise, then go ahead. It's your freedom and nobody has the right to stop you, whatever floats your boat. Just make sure when you spout out of criticism, make sure it is SUBSTANTIAL. I bet half of you have no clue what's going on and you're just hopping on the bandwagon because bitching/trolling is so-called fun, wtf.

Basically, every university you go to, you're so-called buying your certificate anyway. YOU PAY THE FEES. That's business transaction right there.

Nobody's perfect, same goes to institutions and everything else.

Sure, Rosmah does not deserve the award, but don't diminish the university or the quality of education of Curtin, or the students' hard work over the years to achieve their certs.


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