Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Just being my usual self

Ohayo! (I'm fully aware of the fact that 'Ohayo' actually means good morning, but I don't know what's the Japanese word/phrase for good evening or whatever so 'Ohayo' has to make do! Teehee.)

 Let me begin with my rant now. It's not like an angry rant la, but more like a happy rant? Okay, not quite considered happy also. It's just a plain, nonsensical rant, lol. If you follow me on Twitter, you'd know how much nonsense I tend to twit/rant.

 BLOGGER HAS A NEW AND SO-CALLED IMPROVED INTERFACE/LOOK/WHATEVER IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE CALLED? What is this?! I can't fathom! Like, I literally don't get the new interface or whatever. It does look a lot more minimal and simple, but it is so different from before and confusing, and I am utterly perplexed. And also I don't want to my Blogger to be synced with my Google+ account. Sheesh, quite annoying eh, wtf. I guess I am forced to get accustomed to the new interface. -_-" Ah, well. I will explore and try to grasp the new interface when I feel like it/have the time, wtf.

 Oh and speaking of my Twitter, I unprotected my tweets! I suppose I see no purpose in protecting my tweets anymore. I am just testing the open water now if you catch my drift. I might put my tweets to private again, or I might not...I am not quite decided yet, but follow me anyway please. Thanks.


On an irrelevant note, I've always wanted to do OOTD posts on my blog so...I shall seize the moment and do it now despite not having proper pictures and all, wtf.

Today, I wore; 
Bohemian-ish sandals from Vincci 
Floral skirt from a local boutique
Weave belt from KL 
Plain white basic shirt from Mango

P/S: Pardon my usage of the semi-colon. I anyhow use only and not sure if I am using it correctly, lol.

Even though most of my outfits are quite plain and...normal, I would really like to keep updating about/of my OOTD's and WIWT's on my blog. I'll see how it goes. Plus, I don't really possess a good (as in DSLR, or semi-pro) camera right now and my current Sony Cybershot camera has a few kinks so it's pretty hard to capture decent, eye-grabbing pictures. Nevertheless, I'll at least try.

Keep reading and 'till then, x.


  1. You can actually change back to the old interface for the mean time :3 they changed mine to a new interface last weekend but I managed to have it back to the old one.

  2. How?! Omg, so annoying ok. I was like, wtf is this, omg. Ah, nevermind. I at least know how to post a new blog post now, and edit and all. Hehehe, but thanks! ...and let me know how to change back anyway. Just in case, y'know. Hehe.