Thursday, April 26, 2012

Junk, Junketty, Junk?

Clearly, you live up to your blogshop's name because you truly sell junk, accompanied with trashy customer service.

I recently chanced upon a pre-loved blogshop and I saw a piece of clothing that I liked. It's a denim fitted shirt from Topshop and I've been scouring high and low for a fitting denim shirt.

So, I thought, "Hey, this looks pretty good! Plus, it's from a well renown brand. It can be considered!", but it's pre-loved. Even though the owner stated that the condition was 'brand new with tag', I was quite hesitant. After all, it's RM110 for a secondhand item.

On the blog, only pictures of the shirt from the original Topshop website were posted so no one can really depict the real condition of the actual shirt. I was contemplating if I should purchase it and I emailed the blogshop's owner requesting for pictures of the actual shirt if she doesn't mind. She emailed me back with the pictures, of course.

Okay, who with the right mind wouldn't know that the shirt's definitely NOT brand new and to furthermore refute, where is the bloody tag like the owner mentioned so on her blogshop? Thus, the condition of the actual shirt gave me even more to contemplate so I replied the owner that I would have to think about it first and apologized for bothering her. Here comes the climax. Guess what did she reply me?

"Alright thanks for wasting my time ;)" 

WHAT THE FUCK?! WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT REPLY? It's not like I owe her anything?! The fuck.

In each and every of my e-mails, I was courteous, but THAT BITCH just went like, "Alright thanks for wasting my time ;)" which now leads me to writing this blog post.

If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all. If you don't talk, nobody would call you a mute. In this case? If you didn't reply, nobody would call you a BITCH. Yes, I'm calling the owner a bitch because let's face the facts, she is.

The condition of your shirt is "brand new"? Cut me the crap because from the pictures I requested, the shirt looks like it's been through hell and back. It's DULLED YELLOW, TATTERED AND NO WAY IN THE DEPTHS OF HELL LOOKED BRAND NEW.


So, here's to you, owner of the blogshop, it's my pleasure wasting your God damn precious time, but it's my misfortune for wasting mine. Good luck selling that old, tattered, dulled shirt of yours which you deemed brand new and God bless the poor soul who falls prey to your deception and con. Oh and thanks for portraying such meticulous customer service. Best I ever experienced. Both thumbs up for you. 

Oh, what do you know? You're not the only one who's skilled with sarcasm. 

You can say I am just blowing things out of proportion, but I think I deserve the utmost treatment for I am still indubitably a customer.


  1. God shirts

    Excellent Information thanks for sharing.

  2. totally agree with you!! you know, us bloggers should unite and write about bad/lousy blogshops to prevent others from getting scammed eh! :x

  3. Yeah, I think that's a good idea, but I think I saw a blog like that before. People can submit their stories about bad blogshopping experiences also, but I forgot what's the blog link. :|

  4. THAT GIF. MINDBLOWN hahahaah.
    However, I dont think the baju is yellow.. Is it? Hmm.. It definitely is worn tho. Hehe. I found this link from