Saturday, December 8, 2012

It's the little things that matter

I'm not a Directioner, but this song sends me spiralling in love. Ed Sheeran wrote this song and he is a musical genius. He writes such beautiful, resonating songs and I am so glad that his existence graces this dreadful world we now live in. After all, music makes everything better, if not music makes it a little more bearable.

Dear Blog,

I want to do big, spectacular things in life. I want to be able to touch the hearts of people and I want my words and voice to be heard like how God has touched my heart and I now listen to Him. I guess a huge part of me wants to be a writer because I want the words I write to make a difference in life, or at least make a difference in one person's life. My mind has been to a terribly dark place before and giving up entirely often plagued my thoughts. Therefore, I understand or I try to. I want everyone - especially those who are on the brink of giving up - to know that life may be bleak and daunting, and it seems like an ongoing tunnel of darkness, but there will be light at the end.

To be utterly honest, I am terrified to the bone. I see a dull flicker, but it feels so damn distant like gazing at the stars from Earth. I am so ordinary, so...plain. How will I ever stand out or be noticed, right?

However, I harbour hope and I tell myself that if I am going, I am going with a huge bang. Starting from the little things. God has a plan for me and it will prevail.

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