Saturday, June 29, 2013

Losing faith in humanity

I'm bawling so badly right now because I just watched a traumatic dogs fighting video on Facebook (tiny parts because it overwhelmed me with utter agony); it is of a pair of dogs tearing each other apart in a dog fighting ring with by-standing imbeciles egging the dogs on.

Such cruelty is downright inhumane and watching the dogs gnaw at each other's flesh/skin with blood splatters (wait, not splatters, POOLS OF BLOOD) all over the ground pained me in every way possible. I felt the strongest urge to save the dogs, but there was nothing I could do when watching glimpses of the video. I never felt so helpless. I believe it would make every sane human being with a heart absolutely livid with the bastards by the side watching, egging on such cruelty and allowing the ordeal to persist for their entertainment.

I wish I had the means to help a cause - to help such causes. Mostly, I wish there was humanity because the world today looks bleak and dreary.

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