Monday, July 14, 2014

Liar, liar, pants on fire

...I guess I'm an ultimate liar because I have not been blogging (or any sort of writing, really) at all. 


Forgive me, but I was away/on holiday for a week and even though I am now home, my days have been pretty occupied by family, friends and various shenanigans. Oh and packing. Packing is such a tedious chore, ugh! I wish I knew magic then I could place an Undetectable Extensive Charm (y'know, the spell Hermione from Harry Potter cast on her beaded handbag?) on my luggage and basically just hurl everything in it. 

I have six measly days left at home/here in my hometown. :(

Could you tell I'm not excited? 

:( :( :( 



Merely nine days before I bid this tropical land I call my country and my home goodbye. 

I thought I always wanted this, but I'm so not excited. Bright side is I'll be back at home for summer/in a couple of months, wtf. It'll be like I never left, lol.

I wish time could pause. I am going to be so, so homesick. Ugh, okay, I shan't talk and ponder upon it right now, wtf. I have all the time to wallow in my misery and self-pity when I'm away from home, wtf.

On another note, semester results are going to prevail tomorrow! It'll be out officially the day after tomorrow and well, I don't know how to feel about it. The only appropriate word as to depict how I feel about it would be ambivalent, I guess? I sort of hope I will be able to score D's, but I guess C's for certain papers would suffice as I know how I did for all of my papers.

Abruptly ending this post here because I can, wtf. And also because I am hitting the sheets. G'night, everybody. Much love.