Sunday, October 26, 2014

Be healthy, live happy

You don't know the depth of the longing of 'home' - a particular place or an embrace of a person where you would feel safe and secure - until you're literally crawling on the ground, battling the crippling pain of continuous stabs in your abdomen until, hear the sound of your mother on the other end of the phone line and tears immediately spring into your eyes and down your face relentlessly because you wish you were home, you wish she was with you. You don't know what to do, but you'd do anything for the searing pain to cease. 

I learnt my lesson from yesterday's episode with my gastric problem. 

I must never skip meals, even if I don't feel the hunger pangs. 

I must never postpone meal times just because I want to scrimp or save. 

I must never not eat anything just because I feel fat and I feel the need to lose weight. 

I must not eat food my body cannot withstand. e.g. extremely spicy or sour food

I must not skip meals just because I can't be bothered to cook for myself. 

I must eat, regularly and healthily. 

Although I have the autonomy to dictate my meals, I should never take it for granted. It is so important to treat my body well...or it would retaliate.

To live happy, I must eat and be healthy.

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