Friday, November 7, 2014

So near yet so far

The existence of this blog is me.

I feels like it's been for-freaking-ever since I've written here, but I guess it hasn't been that long as my last post was merely dated 26th October, 2014. Ah, my crippling gastric pain episode. Such a fond memory...not.

Anywhooo, I am compelled to go through the obligatory how-I've-been-doing nitty grits. If you must know, I am fine, thank you. :)

As I tippity tap away on my keyboard, I think about home, and how I am 91 days away from home. Oh, so near yet so far. I'm staying for the summer; I'll only be heading home for two weeks or so to see my family and for CNY. I also found a job for the summer and my job description entails making pies and selling 'em. The pay is merely okay, but I hope it's gonna be a rewarding experience and productive summer for me (I'm also taking up summer school to lighten the workload for next semester!). Fingers crossed!

The next week is going to be a whirlwind of activities for me! Okay, not exactly (my life is as mundane as it gets), but tomorrow definitely is. In spite of dreary finals right 'round the corner, I registered for Neon Run and it's happening tomorrow so, yay! That's something to look forward to. So, so excited!

I'm also excited for post-finals. No solid plans yet, but I might be going for Stereosonic, yessah! The only bridge I've yet to cross for Stereosonic is purchasing the tickets. Costs a bloody bomb, eff my life. Thankfully, I got a job for the summer to uhm, cover costs and fuel my expensive activities, lol.

I think that's about it - off of the back of my mind. So, yep, I endz here. Toodles.

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