Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Day 20

Day 20 - The one that broke your heart the hardest

This is a story of a girl who fell head over heels in love with a guy she never expected to. She was hopeful and like any other girl who grew up watching Disney movies, she thought he could be her prince charming and was all the while anticipating for her happy ending, but the happy ending never came. And then, she got to learn the cold, hard truth of reality.

She was utterly elated in the beginning of her so-called love story, bliss came in abundance and love overflowed. Smiles and laughter never left her side. However, happiness is short-lived.

The happiness gradually diffused and in came the flood of misery. She was drowning and yearning for a helping hand to pull her up to the surface, to save her. She was waiting for her hero, but she never saw the arrival of her hero - her supposingly prince charming, her knight in shining armour.

And the waves of agony pulled her under. She went spiralling downwards, deeper than she was before.

She was suffocating. Her arms flailing, her lungs barely breathing, her heart scraping through.

He saw her in need so he mindlessly gave her relief by throwing her a rope. The girl foolishly thought he was truly a hero, her hero, but he let go of the rope. It was another tidal wave of devastation.

She drowned in the very end, with hope lodged in her chest that she would one day be saved by her hero. She dauntingly waited, and waited until all the hope was sucked out of her heart.

Her heart drained of hope, of smiles and laughter, and ultimately, of love.

Her body is a hollow shell. Her heart, a vacant lot.

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