Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Samsung S3, yay or nay?

Hello! How is everyone holding up? I can tell you this 'though, the dust bunnies that have gathered in this space of mine are having a pretty helluva time. (Sorry, guys AKA the dust bunnies. I need to break up your party, LOL.)

I thought I should take a break from the emotional, sappy posts and write a happy one! So, yes, hello there. This post won't be the least bit emotional nor sad. :)

The reason I am so chirpy because I got a new cellphone just yesterday. I was super elated! I could finally bid the iPhone 2G - which I've been using all this while ever since I lost my Blackberry - goodbye. Well, who in the right mind wouldn't be, right? I got a Samsung S3! It's a pretty nifty cellphone, I got to say. I had to fork out a thousand of my own money 'though and the rest was subsidized by my dear ol' Daddykins, but all is mighty fine because I've been saving up for a good cellphone, after all.   

I am pretty much inseparable with my new baby as of late. Teehee. I am still getting to know him/her too. I haven't decided his/her gender yet, heh. And yes, I am full of nonsense because I am going to name my new cellphone - like how I named my laptop when I just got him. Just so you know, he's called Trent. I haven't thought of a name for my new baby yet, any suggestions? Heh. 

Anyway, that's about it. I came on here just to mention that I got a new cellphone. I DO NOT NEED TO LIVE ON WI-FI ANYMORE BECAUSE I CAN HAVE DATA PLAN. *sinister laugh*

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